We want you.

This is a call for submissions. This call has landed in your hands for the purpose of extracting, from you, some of your creative juices. We humbly ask this of you because we are in awe of your brain, your wit, your passion, your talent, your integrity - or maybe, none of the above. Perhaps we are in awe at your utter lack of these qualities, yet want you to contribute anyway. Either way, we’d like to see the world through your eyes, and we imagine that others would like that too. That is why we want to publish you.



Submission Guidelines.

  • Each issue carries a unique geographic location theme. Each of our issue location themes are open to your own interpretation, but we ask that you retain aspects of this theme in your submitted work.

  • We will accept both visual art & written word.

  • Examples of visual art submissions might include: paintings, illustrations, prints, photography, and ephemera such as: film, polaroids, old posters/ticket-stubs, etc.

  • Examples of written word (in English, please) might include: creative fiction and non-fiction across all genres and styles, satire, poetry, interviews, etc.

  • Examples of topics to explore: economics, intersectionality, music, design, natural environment, built environment, policy reform, city planning, transportation, technology, etc.

  • As we are requesting non-monetized submissions, you will retain the rights to your work.

  • Please include the following details with any submission(s) (if applicable):

    • Title

    • Medium used

    • Size

    • Year created

    • Name (to be published under)

  • We ask that you include a short bio of 120 words maximum with your submission(s).

  • Calliope will be distributed in print through our online store and select sources internationally. (One might gain access to a copy, for example, by meeting with a mysterious human in a trench coat and dark sunglasses in an obscure corner of an airport lounge.)