Issue No. 2 - Tallinn

Issue No. 2 - Tallinn


In this issue, we explore the capital of Estonia - the city of Tallinn. Be it by Russia, Scandinavia, Germany, or America, the hearts and minds and lands of Estonia have been fought over for centuries. But it seems that Tallinn has been a place that, regardless of whoever is attempting to govern or influence it, and regardless of limitations (which are always), people have always found a means to create, and  storytelling- in all its forms- has woven an Estonian narrative that has been essential to its survival as a modern state, and more, has helped to forge the identity of its people. Beyond that, and often more powerfully, it can frame certain fundamental  existential questions. Both the language and culture persist, hand-in-hand, and continue to ask “what does it mean to be Estonian?”, concurrently with the even more potentially-treacherous,  “What does it even mean to be alive at all?”

Tere, and welcome to Tallinn.

  • 80 inlay pages

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  • offset printed

  • 100% recycled paper

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  • printed by Medialis in Berlin, Germany

Publish date: 3 July 2018

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Contributors Include: 
Adam Cullen, Aili Vint, Asko Künnap, David Hensley, Eia Uus, Helen Tootsi, Indrek Aava, Jan Kaus, JDA Winslow, Justin Petrone, Karel Polt, Kristi Luht, Lembe Ruben, Mall Nukke, Mariia Bonchuk, Raul Rajangu, Reti Saks, Toomas Vint, Vilen Künnapu

ISSN: 2578-4285