Issue No. 1 - Cascadia

Issue No. 1 - Cascadia


In this issue, we explore the geographical bioregion of Cascadia. Cascadia is a region without any defined borders, yet a place unto itself, unique in geography and culture, transcendent of political boundaries. It is a bio-region, shaped by ocean and rivers and mountains, and blanketed with lush evergreen forests. It is a mega-region, a densely populated, nearly continuous city which stretches from Vancouver, British Colombia in the North to Eugene, Oregon in the South. It has its own cuisine, dialect, and art which are born of and inspired by the natural landscape. We hope you enjoy.

  • 68 inlay pages
  • perfect bound
  • full color
  • offset printed
  • 100% recycled paper
  • 210 x 297mm.
  • no ads
  • printed in Tallinn, Estonia

Publish date: 21 March 2018

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Contributors Include: 
Brendan Basham, Cara Dailer, Catherine Alice Michaelis, Jill Herrera, Julie Read, Lauren Davis, Madeline McClure, MaeDea LadyLaRose, Marit Berg, Markel Uriu, Nhatt Nichols, Reymont Cantil, Terry Schwab