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Hello friends! We're so glad you've found us. You’ve discovered us before we were cool. In fact, you’ve discovered us before we even really existed in any tangible form, which shows how truly cool you are.

So - we want to shout out a grandiose "! thank you !" for joining us for the launch of Calliope. It's so rad that you will be by our side for the release of our inaugural magazine issue. It is now available for preorder. We've partnered with some incredible artists and writers for Issue No. 1 - Cascadia. This [being our first] issue has been in the womb cultivating many light beams, starry eyes, and invisible juju. A bit of blood as well.  

We'd like to take a moment to introduce ourselves. We are Lauren & Matthew - two humans who arbitrarily and casually crossed paths in the town of Port Townsend, Washington not so long ago. Both of us, having wild vivid dreams to create the tangible in a digitalized age, decided to team up to begin the process. 

We are currently in the beautiful, bizzarre, land of Tallinn, Estonia putting our first print publication into production, gathering materials, and seeking out local artists and writers for our subsequent print issue.

If you'd like to stick it out with us, you can subscribe to our mailing list (form at the bottom of this page), follow us on instagram for small bites of our process @calliopemagazine, and don't forget to order a copy of our inaugural issue - available 21 March 2018. 

Lauren + Matthew

P.S. Enjoy these film photos we took in Old Town Tallinn.

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Snapseed 2.jpg
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