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Issue No. 3 *Reveal*

Hola from España! We stumbled off the airplane from Helsinki and into Málaga, Spain with our packs at 2:00am on the 8th of this past week. A few days were spent in Málaga, soaking in the sun at Playa de la Malagueta, viewing art at Centre Pompidou, eating churros, and walking aimlessly through the city streets, a.k.a. winding mazes. We're now rested, recovered (mostly) from the brutal Estonian winter, and ready to officially announce that...

Issue No. 3 will be based in ANDALUCÍA! 👏


Tuesday morning, we jumped on a train, and are now in Andalucía's capital city, Sevilla. We'll be continuing our travels around the region for the next six weeks: carrying out our material-harvest, research, and documentation for issue no. 3 while at the same time building issue no. 2. (Can we exist in two fundamentally different realities simultaneously without going mad? Stay tuned!)


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We are still taking submissions for Issue No. 2 - Tallinn, until 21 May and submissions are now open for Issue No. 3 - Andalucía. Submission guidelines here - we look forward to viewing your contributions. 🙌

Until next week,